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Looking for your first vape kit? Just started vaping and have some questions? RELX offers a host of community resources to help beginner vapers settle in and elevate their vaping experience. Our vape guide for beginners cover a wide range of topics from how to vape and how to use a vape pen to how to care for your vape gear and deal with a leaking vape. We also touch on topics such as vaping etiquettes and how to vape safely so you can start vaping at home or on the go without running into trouble. Bookmark this vape guide for beginners for future reference and start enjoying your vape.

Stay Tuned…

Stay tuned as REXL continues to expand our vape guide for beginners and provide more tips and tricks on how to best use your vape and elevate your vaping experience.

Start vaping with RELX

Designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, REXL vapes are the perfect starting point for beginner vapers looking for their first kit. REXL’s products are highly durable and easy to care for. Their minimalistic and intuitive design allows beginners to learn how to vape and use the vape pen in minutes. Our vape pods also offer a wide range of flavours and concentrations for beginners to explore and personalize their own vaping routine. REXL’s availability across the world and large userbase also allow beginners to find the latest products and community support with ease.

REXL’s Infinity Device, Essential Device, and Artisan Device are all ideal forfirst-time vapers. Check out the product page for each device to learn more, or read our FAQ for more information on how to best use REXL’s vaping devices and more.

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