RELX Pod Pro

For RELX Infinity, RELX Artisan & RELX Essential Device

Nicotine free - No Prescription Needed

Watermelon Ice

Nicotine free - No prescription Needed

More than just menthol

Nicotine free - No prescription Needed

Rich tradition of menthol with an added spritz of citrus

Nicotine free - No prescription Needed

Juicy Apple

Nicotine free - No prescription Needed

Mango Orange

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1-Packed / 35mg/ml / Buzzing Red x1

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Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Sujen Dangol

RELX Pod Pro

Rajnil Chandra

Great product. Would to have a little bit more flavor on the pods.


RELX Pod Pro


RELX Pod Pro

Aniket Kumar
Pod flavor

I bought 12 pods and all the flavors were too good. Have tried the new flavors too. #was awesome.

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RELX Pods Pro

Ditch traditional cigarettes and take your tastebuds on a satisfying journey with our RELX Pods Pro, which comes in an extraordinary range of vape flavours both with and without nicotine. Designed for the RELX Essentials and Infinity Device, RELX Pods Pro offers not only great taste and high-quality e-liquid but also an exceptionally smooth vaping experience courtesy of our exclusive Super Smooth™ technology and leak-resistant pod design.

Whether you are simply looking for a good throat hit or are in it to explore a variety of tasty vape flavours, RELX Pods Pro has your needs covered. Shop our extensive vape flavours online today at RELX, a leading vape brand in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Region.

Super Smooth™ Experience

Pairing RELX Pods Pro with our RELX Essentials and Infinity Device, you can enjoy an unparalleled Super Smooth™ vaping experience. Our brand’s cutting-edge Super Smooth™ technology was created with the help of over 100 R&D scientists from the RELX Lab through a painstaking process of over 76 sensory tests and adjustments. Made possible with a combination of our innovative Air Boost and Active Steam Pro technologies, Super Smooth™ delivers rich and consistent vapour with optimised draw resistance and a comfortable temperature that stays below 55°C. No matter what vape flavour you’re in the mood for, you can count on a satisfying and smooth puff every time.

Leak-Proof Design

Many vape users are no stranger to the frustration of having vape juice leak into their pockets or belongings, not only wasting the product but also transferring the flavour of the vape all over to places it does not need to be. With RELX Pods Pro, you don’t have to put up with vape juice leakage from your device anymore! RELX Pods Pro feature 11 structural layers to effectively prevent leakage or condensation build-up and help seal in the vape juice and flavours securely.

Explore a Variety of Vape Flavors & Nicotine Levels

Our RELX Pods Pro collection includes a wide variety of vape flavours and varying nicotine levels, covering the needs of all types of vapers. Our standard nicotine strength is 35ml/mg and comes with a host of vape flavours, from the tropical Golden Slice and refreshing Garden’s Heart to the earthy Ludou Ice. Additionally, we also offer a selection of vape flavours for pods with 45ml/mg, 3%, and 0% nicotine content.

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