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Why Does My Vape Crackle?

April 13, 2023

You take a hit on your vape, and suddenly your device starts to crackle - what does this mean? It may be worrying to hear these popping sounds coming from your device if you're a beginner vaper, but this is usually no big cause for concern. Read on to understand why your vape might be crackling so you can continue enjoying your vape experience stress-free.

Firstly, is it normal for my vape to crackle? Why does my vape crackle when I inhale?

The good news is that it is completely normal for a vape to crackle from time to time - in fact, it is supposed to! Most vapers will experience the phenomenon of their vapes crackling sooner or later without having to worry about underlying issues. However, it may put your mind at ease to know what exactly causes your vape to make these occasional popping noises.

However, if you notice any other unusual issues while vaping, such as a burnt taste or very loud crackling noises accompanied by your vape spitting, then you should seek advice from your vape device manufacturer to make sure your device is still safe to use.

What are the main causes of my vape crackling?

1. E-Liquid Density and Temperature

The type of e-liquid or vape juice that you use has an effect on the intensity of the crackling and popping sound coming from your vape. Thicker vape juice produces more vapor bubbles, which means the inside of your device will remain vaporized and reduce the risk of overflowing with liquid, giving you a better vaping experience. A thinner e-liquid can potentially flood the vape coil with more vape juice and create more popping noises.

In addition to the density of the e-liquid, the temperature of the vape juice also matters. If your vape juice is overheating, a louder crackling sound will be produced when you take a hit because of the very hot coil.

2. Coil Design and Quality

Different types of coils can affect the crackling sounds made whilst vaping. Twisted or braided vape coils have bigger surface areas and allow more vapor to be produced, resulting in popping sounds. Tighter coils may reduce the loudness of this sound by cutting down the available surface area, producing a sound that is closer to a soft hiss.

The quality of the coil also matters, where a well-made and maintained coil will produce minimal crackling sounds, whilst a low-quality and damaged coil is more likely to create more noise.

3. Power and Wattage

The wattage setting of a vape will affect how much your vape pen crackles due to how it impacts the temperature of the coil. If your vape has a lower wattage setting, less vapor will be produced and therefore quieter crackling sounds will be made. Higher power settings will create more vapor bubbles and result in louder crackling noises.

How can I stop my vape from crackling so loudly?

Although now we know why it's normal for your vape to crackle when you hit it, it does help to know some tips to keep those louder popping noises at bay. You can start by taking proper care of your vape device and giving it regular maintenance, which could prevent simple issues which lead to a loud crackling noise. This includes regularly cleaning all parts of your vape device, including the coil, tank, and drip tip. Check for any debris or build-up which may be stuck in any areas of your device and increase the likelihood of crackling. You can also try taking shorter, more shallow inhalations from your vape - this will also help prevent your vape from flooding with e-liquid, protecting it from damage in the long run.

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We hope that this article helped answer your concerns about whether a vape is supposed to crackle. Now that you feel more comfortable about the possibility of your vape device crackling and the ways around it, you can start browsing our selection of the best vapes in Australia and APAC. Shop our collection of vape devices and vape pods - we guarantee that you'll find a vape you can rely on.

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